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 Healing Bundles

We are currently taking donations for Healing bundles!  We will first be distributing materials to the Six Nations Justice Department (as they brought this beautiful idea to our attention) and then to our local organizations that are helping Indigenous Women who are trauma survivors. Our goal is to spread this initiative to Native Urban Communities on the West Coast.


What is a Healing Bundle?

A healing bundle is basically a spiritual trauma survivor kit. Our Indigenous women in this country are one of the most at risk minorities for rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, drug abuse, and suicide. Our goal with these bundles are to give a small gift of healing in these women’s greatest time of need. We need survivors to eventually gather the strength to share their story, bring awareness to these social issues, and help us create change in native communities.

What type of donations can I send in?

12 x 10 sewn drawstring bags

Journals & Pens


Crystal Lamps

Herbs or Tinctures

Palo Santo

Smudge Sticks & Sweet grass (we do ask that you purchase these from Native American owned business OR have been educated in the proper gathering ceremonies of spiritual plants)

Yoga Cards

Meditation Books/Cards

Adult Coloring Book & Colored Pencils

Books related to spiritual healing*

Have other ideas of what you can send in? Shoot us an e-mail, we would love to hear from you!


*We do ask that church affiliated materials not be sent in as donations


Where can I send it?

The Farmers Daughter Fibers

C/O Sisters United

210 17th Street N

Great Falls, MT 59401

OR drop it off at any event where we are vending.