The Farmers Daughter Fibers

Hand Dyed Fibers in The Last Best Place

Frequently Asked Questions

 Wow! So many acronyms, what do they all mean?

LYS: Local Yarn Shop

KCAL: Knit/Crochet-Along

FDF: The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers

FO: Finished Object

Montana Mountain Retreat?! Sounds magical! What is it?

You can find all of the information about the Montana Mountain Retreat here.

What is this Prize that is worth $75 going to look like?

We are still putting all of it together but we do know a special colorway inspired by the drawing that Art by Ciara made for us is a must! Plus all of the other FDF essentials like wool wash, Farm Girl Wax and Wool Candle, enamel pin, plus a few other surprises! Yarn shops should have the prizes in hand by the end of July!

What if I don’t have a Local Yarn Shop that carries FDF?

We know that our local yarn shops are the heart and soul of our fiber community. They are in the trenches throughout the year helping knitters, crocheters, and weavers become more skilled, and to support you with those tough projects. The main reason behind us doing an LYS KCAL is to support our stockists throughout the summer months when finances can get tough. We do our best to add new LYS as our company grows, and especially to spread them out throughout the country. So, unfortunately we don’t have a great answer for that! We are still a small dye house and can only bring on so many accounts. You can stay tuned for a smaller KCAL we will be hosting this summer that will be exclusively on Instagram.

What pattern is associated with the KAL?

There is not a specific pattern associated with the KCAL, each yarn shop will be a little different on how they will host the KCAL. Some might have a specific pattern or theme to help you get your wheels turning, and to create a space of camaraderie as you finish your projects by Labor Day! But in the end, any FO using FDF yarn purchased at your LYS is considered an entry. (that was a mouthful!)

Do we need to also enter to win on social Media?

Nope! Your LYS will handle your submission! But if you want to share what you are up to and see what everyone else is doing, hashtag your projects #LYS_FDFSummerKCal

Can I only Knit or Crochet?

We support all the fiber arts, knit, crochet, weave…you do you!

I picked up some FDF at a LYS on my travels this summer and still want to participate, how do I manage that?

The logistics of ‘virtual’ entries will be up to each LYS at their discretion.

My project has FDF yarn but also some other brands of yarn, is that ok?

Yes! As long as you have 1 skein of FDF in your project, that was purchased at your LYS between Memorial Day and Labor day you are all good!

My LYS carries FDF but isn’t participating, what’s up with that?

We gave each of our stockists the chance to participate, but as we all know life in the summer can be crazy, so not all of our shops opted in. We know they still have fabulous stuff going on, so make sure to check them out!

That Artwork! Who, What, How?!

We asked the amazing Art by Ciara to whip up a little something for the LYS KCAL and wow did she deliver! You can find stickers and magnets for sale here.

There are so many different KCALS happening this summer, can I double dip in the LYS KCAL?

Absolutely! Again, this is just a fun way for us to support our local yarn shops and get those projects busted out before the cold weather settles in, again!