The Farmers Daughter Fibers

Hand Dyed Fibers in The Last Best Place

Sisters United Initiative

Each month we are hosting collaborations with fellow makers to raise money to support organizations that are dedicated to support Native American Women. We believe that spark of change in a community begins with strong women and positive family foundations. Our goal is to bring a small offering of financial substance to programs who support Native Women, Youth, and Communities.

We are taking the month of June off to look into new avenues for the empowering native women’s initiative :: We will be back at the end of July with more collaborations!

Since February 2019 we have raised $9,100

Thank you to the following makers for your donations!

Red Root Herbs

Western Sky Knits

Joji Locatteli

Kate Oates

Beautiful Syster

This Handmade Life 

Victoria Burgess

Render Skin Care

Andrea Mowry

The YWCA here in Great Falls is very near and dear to our hearts, as they serve our 3 local reservations

Information & News

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Montana MMIW Task Force

John Tester Demands Answers