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Sisters United

Sister United is a community based Initiative supported by fellow makers to raise money to support organizations that are dedicated to support Native American Women. Due to trans generational trauma, cultural genocide, and colonization Native women are one of the most at risk minorities in the United States for domestic violence, rape, murder, human trafficking, health related problems, suicide, and drug abuse.

We believe that a spark of change in a community begins with strong women and positive family foundations. Our goal is to bring a small offering of financial substance to programs who support Native Women, Youth, and Communities. We also pledge to do the ground work for these issues, including bringing education and awareness on our platforms and working with local Human Trafficking and MMIW task force.

August & September 2019 Collaboration

(September collab will be posted on the 19th)

For August and September’s Initiative we are thrilled to announce that we have put together a college scholarship for a Native American student here in Great Falls, MT. We believe that children are the future change to our Native Communities and helping foster education is a big part of that success. Great Falls Public Schools Foundation will be handling the scholarship for us, but we are able to be hands on with choosing of who is awarded the scholarship. As soon as the scholarship is listed we will add a link to this page.

Since February 2019 we have raised $12,076

Thank you to the following makers for your donations!

Red Root Herbs

Western Sky Knits

Joji Locatteli

Kate Oates

Beutiful Syster

This Handmade Life 

Victoria Burgess

Render Skin Care

Andrea Mowry

Cozy Posy Yarn

Ambah O’Brien

And Donated to the Following Organizations

Montana’s Human Trafficking & Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Task Force

YWCA :: Great Falls MT

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women

Great Falls Public School Foundation (specifically a 5,000 scholarship set up for an Indigenous student high education)

The YWCA here in Great Falls is very near and dear to our hearts, as they serve our 3 local reservations

Information & News

Invisible Victims - Ashley Heavy Runner Loring

Jermain Charlo - Still missing after 1 year

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Montana MMIW Task Force

John Tester Demands Answers