By Hand Serial - Special Release 2: In the Cabin - The Farmer's Daughter Fibers

By Hand Serial - Special Release 2: In the Cabin

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If Snow Days are your best days, you’ll love cozying up to By Hand's Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin! Travel through snowy woods, across frozen ponds and discover the secret pleasures of this slow season in this issue.

Warm and Cozy Knitting and Sewing

  • Tree Bark Cardigan

  • Mountain Pine Pullover

  • Plaid Hooded Blanket Shawl

  • Puffy Quilt

  • Snow Drifts Hat

  • Champlain Colorwork Pullover

Projects and Recipes to Beat the Chill

  • Aromatic Wax Firestarters

  • Open Flame Cast Iron Cooking: Beef Stew

  • Maple Sugar Candy in the Snow

  • Winter Cabin Cross Stitch

Reading by the Fire

  • Maple Syrup Season

  • Snuggle Up: Favorite Winter Blankets

  • Seasoning a Cast Iron Pan

  • Flannel: A Fuzzy Bit of History