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Celestial Countdown 2021

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PLEASE NOTE: Countdowns will ship Mid November - you may receive a shipping notification weeks in advance. Please ignore and check in on our newsletters for exact shipping date.

Our 2021 Holiday Countdown is an ode to the Tropical Holiday. I grew up with the most quintessential snowy, cozy, cabin Christmas's. Basically your Hallmark Movie marathon come true. But after experiencing a couple of Christmas's on the beach, there really isn't anything better than fresh fruit off the tree, your oosie* in the sand, and swimming in those warm tropical waters during this beautiful time of year. So our 2021 Holiday Countdown will be taking you to paradise! 

In your countdown you will receive 1 half skein of yarn and 11 DK weight mini skeins, you will open 1 yarn every other day of your countdown. We are providing a cowl pattern that will have directions for each day you open your yarn. 

The other days you will be opening some really beautiful  products that include hot drinks, skin and body care, sweet treats, and items every knitter needs and wants. This part of the countdown is really about self-care. We know how stressful the Holidays can be so we want to bring you a little extra joy each day. 

What You Can Expect

  • A pattern for your yarns
  • Bright Colors (FDF vintage style) in DK Weight (makes for faster knitting!)
  • Most products are from USA/Women owned businesses
  • Products are a combination of full-sized and small sized, keeping the price down a bit.
  • A lot of Tropical Flavors and Scents, some more of a tradish Holiday scent/flavor
  • Carefully wrapped presents each day 
  • Holiday Countdown packages will ship mid-November
  • We might create shipping labels months ahead of time, please sign up for our newsletter to know exactly when your advent will ship. 

*oosie is the Blackfeet word for your booty

Note: Last year we really underestimated the time these advents would take. It is a very labor intensive project, thus the price difference from 2020.