Harvesting Color - Rebecca Burgess - The Farmer's Daughter Fibers

Harvesting Color - Rebecca Burgess

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Dyeing your own fabric can produce gorgeous colors, as more & more crafters are discovering Master dyer Rebecca Burgess spotlights 36 plants that will yield beautiful natural shades, and she shows just how easy the dyes are to make. Pokeberry creates a vibrant magenta while a range of soft lavender shades are derived from elderberries; indigo yields a wonderful range of blues anywhere from the palest baby-blue to a deep rich cobalt; the list goes on.

With breathtaking color photographs, and useful maps that show the range of each plant throughout North America and seasonally based knitting projects, Harvesting Color is an essential guide to any natural dyer.

Rebecca Burgess is a teacher and natural dye artisan who has worked for more than ten years creating recipes from local flora. She teaches natural dye workshops throughout the country, to crafters, ecologists, and art students, as well as to apparel giants like Levi Strauss. Rebecca is also the founder of EcologicalArts, an organization dedicated to creating, revitalizing, and teaching functional art forms that utilize natural raw materials. She lives in San Geronimo, California.