Oh Snap! Ginger Collab
Oh Snap! Ginger Collab
Oh Snap! Ginger Collab

Oh Snap! Ginger Collab

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We are back with a special treat from Portland Syrups! The Spicy Ginger syrup is the perfect addition to any cocktail this Holiday season (we love it in soda water with a lime too!) Paired with our new Gingerbread colorway in Juicy DK, we kept this collab as small and simple as possible to keep the price down.

The Portland Syrup is 3.4 ounces, perfect for 3 to 6 drinks depending on how sweet you like your cocktail. Here are a few of our favorite Spicy Ginger Cocktails:

Holiday Blitz :: 1 part Rum, 1 part Soda Water, 2 parts Apple Cider, Tablespoon of Spicy Ginger Syrup (or amount to your liking), Grated Nutmeg on top, Slice of Apple for garnish.

Hot Pretty Mess: 2 Parts Prosecco, 1 part gin, Tablespoon Spicy Ginger, over chipped ice.

One skein of Juicy DK is perfect for holiday knits, below are some recommendations. We will be offering this colorway as a single item ASAP. 

Coffee Talk Toque by Tracie Miller

Prairie Mittens by Tracie Miller (pair with a skein of Mohair; we love Monarch, Eagle Eye, or Meet Me In Atlantic City)

Eyecatcher Hat by Jennifer Berg (pair with another skein of Juicy, like Napi or Horse Belly)

Beeswax Hat by Amy van de Laar

Tinsel Mitts by Andrea Mowry

The City Lights Hat by Tif Neilan 

Larinda Hat by Jennifer Peck