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Sock Squad :: 2021 Yearly Subscription

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The FDF Sock Squad is a subscription based sock yarn club. The week before each month begins you will receive a limited edition hand dyed sock yarn that is carefully curated by us.

This year for Sock Squad we will be rotating through 3 different yarn types and EACH month you will be getting a mini skein! We wanted to slim down the selection so just in case you didn't make it to the socks, you would have 4 yarns that are the same base and a better selection in your stash. Each color is one-of-a-kind and we love to get creative with what we are offering. Sometimes earthy, sometimes flashy! Here are the yarns we will be using:

Pinlter Sock :: Sturdy, easy to knit with, and long lasting!

75% Merino (super wash) and 25% Nylon, 4 ply 

463 yards/100g :: Minis 92 yards/20g

Highwood Sock :: Soft, cushy, and beautiful twist!

80% Merino (super wash) and 20% Nylon, 2 ply 

400 yards/100g :: Minis 80 yards/20g

Bear Paw Sock :: Sturdy, Perfect Stitch Definition, and Yak provides Rich Colors

70% Merino (super wash), 20% Yak, and 10% Nylon, 3 ply 

437 yards/100g :: Minis 87 yards/20g