The Farmers Daughter Fibers

Hand Dyed Fibers in The Last Best Place

2019 Montana Mountain Retreat

Set in the nurturing environment of Northwestern Montana, the Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Retreat is carefully designed for participants to relax and learn where the landscape inspires and the pace allows for deep conversations and solo explorations in the truest essence of what it means to retreat.

Teachers and Classes

This year we are lucky enough to have 3 amazing knitwear designers joining us at the retreat. Andrea Mowry, Caitlin Hunter, and Bristol Ivy will be teaching us all of the magical knitty things! You will also have the opportunity to take a non-knitting related class with our dear friend Kate Coulton, who is a knowledgeable and talented herbalist.

Because we want you to RELAX, on this retreat you will only be taking two classes, one on Friday and one on Saturday. This will give you either a morning or afternoon free each day to have the opportunity to take a third class from Kate, use your free time to hike, explore Glacier National Park, or even run into one of the nearby resort towns to do some shopping. On your application, please list the classes in order of your preference. We will do our best to give you your top two choices, but this is not guaranteed.

Mosaic Project Class with Andrea Mowry

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to get in on a brand new class that Andrea is developing. This class will be project based, knitting a mosaic infinity cowl. This is a great class for beginner to advanced and the perfect introduction to Mosaic Knitting. Participants must be comfortable with knitting in the round. Supplies: TBA

Knitting Outside the Box with Bristol Ivy

One of the most interesting and best parts about knitting is the huge variety of patterns available. But where does the inspiration for those patterns come from? In this class, we’ll talk about different forms of inspiration and different ways of thinking about knitting, and then explore methods and theory to bring those ideas to reality. This is a great class if you’re interested in designing, or just want to experiment with all of the possibilities knitting has to offer! Must be comfortable with stitch patterns, and have a willingness to experiment and play. Supplies: Pencil and sketchbook, scrap yarn and needles for swatching ideas, and any items/photos/tearsheets that inspire you.

Montana Memories Cowl with Caitlin Hunter

A fan favorite from last year, this class is a great way to spend time learning how the talented Caitlin Hunter uses true creative freedom in her designs. You will have the opportunity to choose from 100s of Farmer’s Daughter Fiber Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Mini Skeins to design your own cowl. Supplies: Size 4, 16 inch circular needle.

Native Plant Walk with Kate Coulton (optional and open to anyone wishing to use their free-time for an additional class)

Come and explore the versatile healing power of native Montana plants with Kate Coulton, owner of Pinion Botanicals. While exploring the nearby forest, you will delve into the rich history of the relationships between humans and plants, learning about plants used for natural dyes as well as their ability to heal physically and emotionally.


Because of the high demand of lovely knitters wanting to the attend the retreat this year and the limited number of lodging options, we are opening up registration to a lottery system. We want to open up as many spaces as we can, however we will always keep that number smaller so we do not lose the essence of the experience. Registration will be open from November 2nd to November 4th. On November 26th, you will be notified if your registration was drawn and you will have until December 3rd to submit payment to hold your spot. Anyone not receiving a spot will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Lodging & Fees

The Historic Izaak Walton Inn is the setting for this lovely weekend. The Inn was built in 1939 for the use of railroad service personal and has been maintained to show off its historic aspects. Situated in between East and West Glacier, this is an amazing place to experience the beauty and relaxation of Glacier National Park. Included in the cost of the retreat are lodging, a meal for Thursday evening, three meals Friday and Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, two knitting classes and the native herbal walk. Here is a breakdown of the lodging options we can provide and the fees:

Empire Builder Room - A Single Occupancy Room with 1 Queen bed (You may choose this option if you would like to share a room with a friend, as long as all have filled out the application by November 4th. This room can house 2 guests if you are willing to share a bed) $1100 single / $950 each shared.

Great Northern Suite - One Queen Bed, One Single Bed (You may choose this option to be housed with friends if all have filled out the application by November 4th, This room can house 3 guests if you are willing to share a bed. You may also choose this room if you wish to share a room with someone you do not know, in which case each guest would have their own bed) $1000 each for 2 guests / $900 each 3 guests

Cabins- 2 Full sized beds (You may choose this option to be housed with friends if all have filled out the application by November 4th, This room can house 4 guests if you are willing to share a bed. You may also choose this room if you wish to share a room with someone you do not know, in which case each guest would have their own bed) *Please note the cabins are a 5 minute walk from the main lodge and 1 of the beds is in a loft, which you would need to be able-bodied to access. $1100 each for 2 guests / $ 1000 each for 3 to 4 guests.

Luxury Caboose- One Queen Bed, 2 sets of bunk beds (This is an option for a group of friends traveling together, you can fit 5 to 6 guests depending on if you would like to share the queen bed. All parties must have the application filled out by November 4th) $1000 each for 5 guests / $900 each for 6 guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest airport?

The closest place to fly into is Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell, which is about a 45 minute drive from the Izaac Walton Inn. Flying in and out of Montana can be expensive so we suggest booking your tickets 4 to 5 months in advance. If you want to save some money or adventure around Montana a bit you could also fly in and out of Great Falls, Missoula, or Bozeman.

What is the weather like in Montana in June?

Great Question! Sometimes it can be 90 degrees by late June and sometimes we can still see snow in the Mountains! We highly recommend layers. Bring a warm coat, socks, hats, etc. but plan on it warming up throughout the day. Shorts and tanks are not uncommon this time of the year either. Typically mornings and evenings are great for hand knits!

Why are you asking people to share a bed?

Because lodging at the Issac Walton is limited AND we want to try to let as many people as possible join the fun, we are offering you the opportunity to share a bed with a family member or friend. You may end up sharing a room with someone you don’t know, but we would never put you in a bed with someone new to you!

What if me and my friend register, and only one of us gets chosen?

If either you or your friend (whoever is listed on the registration form) are chosen you both get in! We wouldn’t want you to plan on coming together but then have to come by yourself.

Is there cell phone service at the Izaac Walton Inn?

There is a VERY LIMITED amount of cell service at the Inn. Basically, enough to check in on your family via text once a day and that’s it. However, there is a pay phone for public use!

I have a food preference, can you accommodate?

Of course! Please just specify on your application, and we will hand it off to the kitchen staff at the Inn.

Will there be a marketplace?

YES! Thursday upon arrival there will a market place set up for you to shop! This will run from 1:00 to 9:00 that evening.

Can I participate in selling at the market place?

We will have a limited amount of space for vendors. You can find an application and more information on vending on November 2nd.

My plans changed and I can no longer come to the retreat!

We will offer a 90% refund to guests canceling before April 15. After that partial refunds will be based on whether or not we are able to fill your spot