January 2024

Kristin Gentry

Kristin Gentry is a talented artist and the founder of Kreative Native. With a passion for creativity and a love for nature, Kristin brings unique and captivating art to life. Her work is inspired by the celestial beauty of the natural world, combining vibrant colors and intricate details.

Growing up surrounded by nature, Kristin developed a deep appreciation for the environment and its wonders. This appreciation is evident in her artwork, as she often incorporates elements of nature and celestial themes into her pieces. From breathtaking landscapes to mesmerizing celestial scenes, Kristin's art takes viewers on a visual journey through the beauty of the universe.

As the founder of Kreative Native, Kristin strives to share her love for art with others. Through her creations, she aims to inspire and evoke a sense of wonder in those who experience her work. With a focus on sustainability, Kristin uses environmentally friendly materials and practices in her artistic process, ensuring that her art aligns with her values.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Kristin is actively involved in community initiatives. She believes in the power of art to bring people together and make a positive impact. Through collaborations and partnerships, she works towards creating a more inclusive and vibrant artistic community.

Find Kristin on Instagram @kreativenative

The Yarn

When we showed up at Indian Market in Santa Fe I told Xander, I am not going to buy the first thing that I see. But as soon as we walked into the Sovereign Santa Fe show of course the first thing I see is screaming my name. I did a slow lap but couldn’t get this beautiful piece out of my head. I chatted with Kristin and learned that it was inspired by the heirloom seeds that her Grandmother had brought with her during the relocation to Oklahoma and Kristin was planting some of those seeds for the first time.

For the yarn we used a 65% Super Baby Alpaca, 35% Extra Fine Merino for an extremely lux base. This has 328 yards/100g. There were so many colors represented in this specific painting that we wanted to get a touch of them all. We hope you love Kristin’s work as much as we do!

We paired this month's yarn with some beautiful Oh Dang and Mighty Mo colors.

Slide 1: Paired with Come and Get Your Love Slide 2: Paired with Everything's Copacetic Slide 3: Paired with Sunday Mimosa Slide 4: Paired with In a Jam Slide 5: Paired with Lulu Slide 6: Paired with Fugitive

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know the preorder will end February 7th and ship mid February

Please click on the photo to order additional skeins



  • Sometimes, upon first glance, I do not love the colors of the club yarns. So I set the yarn on the table next to where I knit and let it “settle in” for a while. Eventually, I start to see new colors or blendings of colors and possibilities in the fiber. The inspirational art is always an “Ah Ha!” moment. Thanks, Candice!

  • The serene colors took on a wistfulness when I read about the origin of the seeds. Carried a long distance and re-engineering into the family’s life! The art embodies hope. And I’m overjoyed to be sharing in the beauty of the seeds. The yarn lovely. I’m thinking of incorporating it into a shawl. The art is amazing! Story is touching.

    Michelle Poor

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