July 2022

Britt Newton (Holoske)

Please welcome Britt to the Indigenous Collective! I discovered Britt through her Deer Women piece (you can find this on her IG page) that was reshared on Facebook. Deer Women is a shape-shifting women in Indigenous Mythology and we are totally obsessed with her powers. And while I loved the Deer Women piece and Native 90s Girl (also on IG), Britt suggested 'Luz' because of the colors lending so well on our yarns. We couldn't agree more (because this is the color palette of Candice's dreams).

Britt says that 'Luz' is inspired by the quiet solitude you can find in nature. She 'wanted to use intense exaggerated sunrise/sunset colors, with a palette of different purples.'. In general Britt says her inspiration is really random, when she is in a good mood her creativity is better. Pictures, movies, a certain color, it is all over the place! We can relate Britt!

Britt recides in Colorado and is a part of the Mvskoke (Alligator Clan). She primarily does digital illustration focusing on Native Culture and Beauty. Britt is both a research chemist and freelance illustrator. We are so honored that Britt let us find inspiration in her beautiful work. You can purchase some of Britt's work here.




The Yarn

The yarn we have chosen this month is our Juicy DK base. This base lends itself so well to color, we wanted to make sure the colors popped through beautifully. Juicy DK is really right in the middle of being a DK and Sport weight, you really can go either way!

Our dying inspiration was focused on the sky; the inky peaches and plums and small pops of hot pink you can see in the women's shawl.

We have created a Ravelry Bundle full of patterns we love with this color and base, you can find that here. I really love the idea of doing the Shady Grove hat because the texture breaks up the variegated yarn so well. This is one of my go-to hats! If you do choose to knit stockinette with this yarn, we recommend alternating skeins (or breaking your skein into two balls) to avoid pooling. Because we don't personally like the effect of pooling; anything with a bit of texture, stripes, fading or a pattern where this would be the contrast color would look really beautiful!

And here are other colors we love with our Holoske inspired yarn! Pictured left to right: I've Got Dreams to Remember, Sinopah, Bitterroot

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know that additional yarn will be a preorder, the listing will be up until the end of the month and will ship mid August. These preorders have been marked down a few dollars as a thank you for being apart of the collective!



  • Probably a really annoying question. I loved this yarn but joined and missed the pre-order date because I wasn’t paying attention to the cut-off. Are there any extra skeins left over by chance? It’s so beautiful!

  • This is so beautiful! The sunset colors are making me dream of a colorwork yoke, probably with I’ve Got Dreams to Remember as the MC for a nice night sky contrast… love it!

  • Wowie! I knew signing up for this collective would be special and exciting and as usual, I am never less than ecstatic upon unwrapping these skeins of yarn. My soul immediately screamed “SUNSET”… It is so on point. I am considering using Holoske in another Soldotna with but am heading over to Rav now to see other pattern suggestions. I look forward to the coming months! <3

    Dianne Habron
  • Wow – the colors in this yarn are perfect! Excited to see how it knits up!

  • I would welcome some pattern suggestions for this yarn! I want to pair it with some lacy alpaca! I’m loving the softness of the colors and yet vibrant!

    Kat Stroud

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