October 2022

Quick note from the team, thank you so much for your patience on getting Indigenous Collective this month! While we try to get the collective out around the 16th of the month things happen and we want to bring you the best colors and yarns possible. We appreciate your patience.

Sarah General

I first discovered Sarah General, @iokaraskats on Instagram in 2021 during the #ndnartober challenge. If you're unfamiliar with this challenge, there are art prompts for Indigneous arts the entire month of October. This is a great way to find new artists and to see the difference and similarities to each prompt. I fell in love with Sarah's artwork and especially the dark moody greens. Sarah belongs to the turtle Clan and the Mohawk Nation. She says her art is 'inspired by my lived experience as a Haudenosunee woman, and my ongoing learning about tmy people's. oral histories, legends and stories. I have a deep love for forests, trees, mountains, riversand stream, and I often find my work exploring the wonder of such spaces'. Sarah is also an author and storyteller, check out her books here.

'Just a Quiet Forest Scene'

Although a lot of Sara's work on IG tells more of a in depth story, I was so drawn to this women in the forest. The moody greens and greys are such a sweet spot for us at FDF.

The Yarn


This month we decided to go with a yarn that would be a little thicker and something that could work well for a quick Holiday gift. We have yet to do a non superwash base and Recollect Worsted was calling for this moody green.


Photo above is a palette that goes well with 'Women in the Forrest'; from left to right 'Lazy Moose', 'Madmartigan', 'Napi', and 'Shake A Day'.

Above is what Spincycle's Dream State we think would pair well. Above on the left is Salty Dog and on the right is Light Years. Below is Shades of Earth on the left and Slow Burn on the right.

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know that additional yarn will be a preorder, the listing will be up until the end of the month and will ship late November.


  • This yarn was so prefect, I knitted a Cepes Beret from Ysolda’s knit worthy 6 and ,as. Much as I love it, I am going to send it to my only niece in italy.

    Francesca Brescianini
  • The moody green of this yarn is gorgeous. I love the piece it was inspired by too. I cast on an Apple Pie Hat by Tin Can Knits as soon as my skein arrived, and it will be worn by someone who spends a lot of time in the forest.

  • Just LOVE this color and being a worsted weight. Makes my heart happy!

  • I am excited for a non superwashable wool. This green is deep and I can’t wait to knit with it, maybe a hat for my brother in law

    Francesca Brescianini
  • My favorite so far! Love the inspiration artwork as well.


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