November 2023


'Apanaki' by Lucinda “La Morena”


For November's Idigenous Collective we wanted to celebrate one of the murals that Sister's United sponsered this summer at Arts Fest. Were drawn to the bright colors in Lucinda's mural 'Apanaki,' which means Butterfly Woman.

"Lucinda is an Internationally known muralist and painter born and raised in Glendale, AZ. She is Xicana: Apache and Yaqui Descent. In 2012 she began curating underground art shows, which led her to curate solo exhibits for local artists in Phoenix, AZ. Lucinda is quickly gaining popularity around the country due to her incredible talent as a muralist and commitment to communities of all backgrounds. Her murals and paintings are influenced stylistically and thematically by Chicano, Indigenous Art and Spirituality. She embodies the aesthetic and ideals of Chicano Culture, Native issues and sets it in a contemporary context creating a dialect between art and society. She has worked alongside Civil Rights Organizations non-profits such as: Promise AZ, ACLU of Arizona, ACLU Nationwide, Poder in Action and LUCHA ... Most recently, she was selected by the NFL to be this year's SuperBowl Marque Artist for SuperBowl LVII, being the first Xicana, Indigenous Female Artists to do so in NFL history.'

The Yarn


We chose Squish Bulky for this month's yarn because we wanted to capture the bright colors of Lucinda's mural. Squish Bulky dyes up so nicely and takes color like a dream! Each skein is 100% SW Merino wool and has 106 yards/100g. We love Squish Bulky for hats and cowls, but it makes beautiful squishy sweaters too!


We paired this month's yarn with some of our other bright (and a couple darker) Squish Bulky colors!

Slide 1: Paired with Old Man Coyote Slide 2: Paired with Daddy State of Mind Slide 3: Paired with Union Street State of Mind Slide 4: Paired with Bitterroot Slide 5: Paired with I've Got Dreams to Remember Slide 6: Paired with In a Jam

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know that additional yarn will be a preorder, which will end December 18th and will ship beginning of January.

Please click on the photo to order additional skeins


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  • Love this month’s beautiful squishy yarn, already on my needles. The artwork is amazing.


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