FDF Shawls + Cowls MAL

Welcome to our 2022 Shawl and Cowl Make - A - Long! We are excited to whip up some shawls and cowls together! In this blog you will find the rules of the MAL, Shawl and Cowl shapes and some featured patterns and yarn pairing ideas. Thank you for joining us!

MAL Rules and FAQs

  • Shawls and Cowls must use the majority of Farmer's Daughter Fibers yarn. Doesn't matter if it is from stash or its new, if you bought it from a LYS or us here at FDF!
  • You can Knit or Crochet Shawls and Cowls.
  • MAL starts March 8th (this means no casting on until the 8th!) and ends May 3rd.
  • Entries for the MAL will be made on FDF's Ravelry Group, found here. You can enter as many times as you like! As long as the FO was made between March 8th and May 3rd.
  • Prizes for the MAL are 3 - $100 gift cards to FDF! We will also be giving out lots of prizes on Zoom meetings!
  • MAL Zoom meetings are on March 8th, April 5th, and May 3rd. Sign up here for MAL Zoom Registration.

Shawl and Cowl Shapes

Shawls come in lots of different shapes and sizes, here are a few of the basic ones we tend to return to again and again at FDF.

Parallelogram :: This shawl shape is our favorite for wrapping around our neck a few times and throwing on a cozy coat. The elongated shape creates enough fabric to get it around your neck like a scarf.

Kite: We love the kite shape made with a lightweight shawl, to throw it over a basic dress. Making it the perfect shawl for those cool evenings or running around town.

Triangle: The most popular shawl shape, this is great for wrapping around the front of your chest and wrapping the ends around your neck. I love the way the shape shows off the yarn and fabric. This shape is started by creating a 'tab' where you knit several rows of 2 or 3 stitches and then pick up those stitches along the edge and bottom.

Square: This shawl shape is a square that is folded over to create a triangle shape. We love this shawl shape for your throw over the back of the couch shawl. You can use spread out to cover your legs or drape it over your shoulders.

Cowls are pretty straight forward, although they can have different shapes that are longer or shorter rectangles or squares or even a bandana shape. Two shapes we often knit here at FDF are just your plain rectangle vs.a mobius cowl. The only difference is the mobius is twisted once before seaming together! Mobius cowls usually include a provisional cast-on and a kitchener stitch finish.

Desert Dweller by Jennifer Berg

Aunites Cowl by Candice English

Pattern + Yarn Pairing Ideas

Wind Witch by Nailya Plaskey

Oh Dang! + Sokap'pii

(Colorway: Horse Belly)

Birds of a Feather by Andrea Mowry

Foxy Lady + Mighty Mo

(Colorways: I'Kiinuttsii + Legends of the Little People)

A Girls Best Friend by Isabell Kraemer

Moon Sisters

(Colorways: Willow Creek, Elk Antler, I've Got Dreams to Remember)

The Other Side by Lisa Hannes

Squish Fingering

(Colorways: Willow Creek, Elk Antler, I've Got Dreams to Remember)

Birch Creek Shawl by September Knits


(Colorways: Pretty Shield + Dumplin)

Farmhouse by Cabin Four

Craggy Tweed

(Colorways: North Wind)

Singing Sand Shawl by Abbye Knits

Juicy DK

(Colorways in Shawl: Juniper, York, Undercurrent, Kinnickinnic, Gary Cooper )

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