Summer Steeking KAL!

Us knitters here at FDF have been excitedly chatting about Steeking for some time and now the time has come to cut the cord! Whether this is the first time you have steeked or your an expert at cutting you're knitting, we want you to join us! Below are some guidelines about the KAL, Steeking resources, pattern ideas, and how you can stay in touch during the KAL.

KAL Guidelines

  • KAL Kick off is July 13th and ends October 19th. This gives you plenty of time to knit a full size sweater, even if you have a couple things on your needles.

  • You can use any pattern you want! It doesn't have to be a pattern written specific to steeking (you just need to add a steek panel).

  • You need to use FDF yarn (other yarns for contrast is fine!) or Sandnes Garn Peer Gynt purchased through FDF for the KAL.

  • For the KAL we will be posting a video of us steeking our sweaters by September 21st! That way you can see it done first hand.

  • We are offering 3- $100 Gift Cards for anyone who finishes by October 19th (entries are made on the Ravelry group). You will get 1 entry for baby sweaters, 3 entries for adult sweaters.

Steeking Resources

Since we are not the Steeking experts (yet!) we want to give you some resources on cutting your knitting. I know it can be scary to think about taking scissors to your beautiful, time consuming knits but we promise you can do it! So many knitters out there have done it before us and have plenty of tips and tricks. Here are links to a few of our favorites.

Pattern + Yarn Ideas

We put together a Ravelry Bundle here of some of our favorite sweaters that are specific to steeking! But like we said before, you can steek any sweater! You just need to add a steeking panel in the middle of your pattern of 5 stitches.

For yarns we recommend using a non superwash yarn. For FDF that would be Soka'pii, Recollect, Reminicse, or Pishkun. These yarns aren't as slippery and will make steeking a little easier since the stitches tend to stick together. However you can use a non-superwash yarn but you will need to use the sewing machine technique for your steek. You can also use Sandnes Garn Peer Gynt (a lovely DK weight)!

Where to Knit-a-Along!

Ways you can stay in touch with your steeking KAL community!

  • Here at the Brick and Mortar we will be having a Kick Off Party on July 13th during Stitch n' Bitch and helping you steek your sweaters at Stitch n' Bitch on October 12th!

  • Our ravelry group is how you can chat with your fellow steekers; share your projects, yarn, ask questions, and enter to win prizes.

  • Use and follow hashtag #fdf_summersteeking to stay up to date on Instagram!

  • Stay up to date on Chats with the Farmer's Daughter, our Youtube channel!

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