Sock Squad  

Sock Squad is a refined sock yarn subscription that is unique, affordable, and uncomplicated. You will be wearing your hand knit socks with pride by the end of the year!

We are so excited to be back with another year of Sock Squad! This year we are shaking things up and adding a theme, of course what better inspiration than Big Sky Country! With the help of our friend and artist Courtney Blazon, Sock Squad will include a black and white calendar (no surprises here!) that will showcase a Montana landscape, animal, or plant.

Please read all the details below to find out exactly what Sock Squad is all about.


The FDF Sock Squad is a subscription based sock yarn club. The week before each month begins, you will receive a limited edition hand dyed sock yarn that is carefully curated by us. A Yearly* 2022 Sock Subscription includes 1 Sock Yarn and 1 Mini Skein each month, a full-size 12 month calendar illustrated by Courtney Blazon (this is in a black and white coloring book style so no surprises on colors!) and a sock pattern by Dawn Harrell called 'Tenderfoot' which helps you fit a toe-up sock perfect for YOU!

*Quarterly Subscriptions do not include the Calendar or Sock Pattern (you can purchase these seperately in January), only yarn!


Sock Squad Sign Ups start November 18th through November 30th

Quarterly Sign Ups are the Following Dates:

Q2 February 24th to February 27th

Q3 May 26th to May 29th

Q4 August 25th to August 28th

You will receive your yarn about a week before the month starts, that way you can cast on right away!

Important note about billing: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ because we want to send out yarns right before the first of the month. Billing will begin in November of 2021. This means in November you will be paying for January, then in December you will be paying for February, and so on! The billing for yearly subscriptions will end in October of 2022, but you will receive yarns through December. So yes, you will have paid 2 months before receiving your first yarn. This is the only way we can plan, dye, and ship Sock Squad out.


Sock Squad will be hosted on The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Ravelry Group ‘The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Sisterhood’! You can ask the group questions, chat with other Sock Squad members, share your projects, and enter to win prizes! Oh yes, we wouldn’t have another year of the sock without prizes! See the FAQ for more info. On Instagram you can use hashtag #fdfsocksquad_2022

Sock Squad Yarns

Throughout the year we will be rotating through 3 different yarn types and EACH month you will be getting a free coordinating mini skein. We wanted to slim down the selection so just in case you didn't make it to the socks, you would have 4 yarns that are the same base and a better selection in your stash. Each color is one-of-a-kind and we love to get creative with what we are offering. While we are using different Big Sky plants, animals, and landscapes for our inspiration you will get a variety of hues. Most will be earthy but expect a few flashy yarns!

Here are the yarns we will be using:

Pintler Sock :: Sturdy, easy to knit with, and long lasting!

75% Merino (super wash) and 25% Nylon, 4 ply

463 yards/100g :: Minis 92 yards/20g

Highwood Sock :: Soft, cushy, and beautiful twist!

80% Merino (super wash) and 20% Nylon, 2 ply

400 yards/100g :: Minis 80 yards/20g

Bear Paw Sock :: Sturdy, Perfect Stitch Definition, and Yak Provides Rich Colors

70% Merino (super wash), 20% Yak, and 10% Nylon, 3 ply

437 yards/100g :: Minis 87 yards/20g

Price for Sock Squad :: $26 per month for a yearly subscription or $32 per month for a quarterly subscription (the value of a hand dyed sock yarn + mini skeins is $37)  

Recurring Payments

You will be charged on the first day that you sign up, and after that your recurring payment will happen on the 25th of each month.

We recommend creating a rewards account on our website BEFORE you sign up for Sock Squad. This will allow you to collect tokens and create changes to your subscription. Head to the bottom of the website and look for the rewards icon.

Sock Squad FAQ

I signed up for Sock Squad 2021, do I need to sign back up for Sock Squad 2022?

Yes! The subscriptions are only valid for 12 months.

I want to join but I don't know how to knit socks. Help!

This year in our Annual Subscription we are including (for free!) a sock pattern by Dawn Harrell called, 'Tenderfoot'. This pattern is the absolute perfect beginner sock pattern, but it's also great for anyone who needs a refresher, hasn't learned to knit Toe-Up socks, or just wants to get a better fitting sock. What is unique about this pattern is it teaches you how to get a sock that fits YOU perfectly.

Is there a pattern I receive each month with the yarn?

There will not be a dedicated pattern each month. Everyone loves to knit socks differently, and we wouldn’t want to waste your money on something you may or may not use. However, we have put together bundles on our Ravelry group giving suggestions for sock patterns. We will be adding to these bundles throughout the year! Annual memberships will recieve the 'Tenderfoot' pattern by Dawn Harrell.

Is there other fun notions that will go in these packages?

While we love stitch markers, pins, tins, and all the other knitting goodies, our theme for this sock squad is simple and affordable. Adding something each month raises the cost by almost $10 per month, and that can change the price point for many people to be not so budget friendly.

What colorways can we expect?

All new ones! Each month we will be creating a new colorway specific to the 'theme' of the month. We will hit every color of the rainbow! Some months will be speckles, some tonals, and some variegated. This surprise is the fun part!

Prizes? Did somebody say prizes?!

Oh the prizes we will have! Every quarter we will have a drawing for six prize winners, each worth $100! At the end of the year, we will be drawing one grand prize winner for a $500 Farmer’s Daughter Fibers gift card!

So how do I enter to win?

To enter you must finish all of your socks for that quarter, posting them all together on the Ravelry group thread. At the end of the year, we will have a separate thread for the grand prize where you will show off all 12 socks!

Can I participate in entering to win prizes with different yarns?

Prize entries are only for yarns from the Sock Squad subscription. However you can use other yarns for heals, toes, and stripes.

I just ordered some other stuff, can I combine shipping with my sock squad yarn?

If you order anything with your first subscription, those will all ship together. After that, we cannot combine any shipping with Sock Squad. We are a small business with limited resources, this means that shipping and handling is done by one or two people. Having extra add ons complicates things beyond what we can manage. So sorry!

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is priced depending on what carrier you use and where you are located. We suggest putting Sock Squad in your cart and act as if you are checking out to see what the pricing looks like.

Why yearly and quarterly subscriptions?

Yearly is going to get you the best deal, plus you will have the opportunity to enter to win the grand prize at the end of the year if you finish all of your socks! Quarterly subscriptions are for those who might be a little hesitant to commit for an entire year.

I have moved, how do I changed my address?

Any changes you need to make on your account (address, credit cards) you can do through ‘My Account’ and THEN 'Manage Subscriptions.' Your address WILL NOT change under accounts only. Please change it in subscriptions.

How can I manage or cancel my subscription?

Log into your account, click ‘My Account’ and then ‘Manage Subscriptions’. You can cancel anytime, however we ask that you try to commit for a year as that is how we can offer free mini skeins and keep our prices so affordable.

We can't wait to see you in the Sock Squad!