March 2024

Lauren Good Day


Lauren Good Day is an artist known for her exceptional talent and creativity. She specializes in various art forms and mediums, including Ledger art, beadwork, quillwork, parfleche, clothing & fashion artist. She is apart of the Arikara, Hidatssa, Blackfeet, Plains Cree nations. Her work is often inspired by nature, indigenous culture, and the beauty of her surroundings.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Lauren Good Day's art pieces capture the essence of her subjects and convey a sense of depth and emotion. Her use of vibrant colors and intricate patterns adds a unique touch to her artwork, making it visually captivating.

Lauren Good Day's artistic journey has been fueled by her cultural heritage and personal experiences. Through her art, she aims to explore themes of identity, resilience, and connection to the natural world. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries make her a highly respected artist in the industry.

The Yarn

We are inspired to create a yarn that would go with Lauren’s beautiful clothing but also invoke her creative, kind and fun spirit. We choose a beautiful shade of blueberry since it would go with both Lauren’s neutral and brighter palettes. The yarn is a 3 ply 100% 19.5 Micron Superwash Merino, making it extremly soft!! We think that one of Joji's beatiful shawl patterns would go great with this yarn.

One question we often get as an Indigenous maker is, can non Indigenous people wear Indigneous designed clothing and jewelry. The answer is a big fat YES! Supporting Indigenous makers is where it is at!


We love 'Good Day' with all the blues, pinks and purple shades of Dyed in the Wool! Shown here is Absolute Zero, Kolkata, Lapis, Mzuzu, Overshadow, Nicoya and Shades of Earth.

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know the preorder will end April 1st and ship mid April

Please click on the photo to order additional skeins


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  • This yarn is so gorgeous! The blue is breathtaking.

    Clarissa Goldsmith

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