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Meet the FDF Team!

Xander English ~ President of Operations

Xander is the Co-Operator of Farmer’s Daughter Fibers. Originally from the Flathead Valley, Xander came to Great Falls for the Montana Air National Guard. Now he works full-time over at dye studio with the two family dogs, Sumo and Kima. You can sometimes find Xander working events with Candice and every once in a while you can catch him at the Downtown shop. Xander brings to FDF the vital consistancy that is much needed and his artsy wife very much lacks. He is the work Dad we all need and love!

Xander likes to spend his free time as any Montanan does; hunting, dirt biking, fishing, rafting, and camping with his family. When he can, he likes to take tropical vacations with Ryder, Adde, and Candice!

Favorite FDF Yarn: Foxy Lady

Favorite FDF Color: Bad Rock

Alyssa Storrusten ~ Chief of Operations

Alyssa was born in Great Falls and graduated from CMR in 2008. Following high school, she traveled to the Great White North (Canada) for culinary school. She then worked as a baker and pastry chef. After learning to knit from the Farmer’s Daughter herself, Alyssa was one of FDF's earliest employees. The things she brings to FDF is her hard work ethic, over the top organizational and multi-tasking skills, and once in a while an amazing sweet treat!

Alyssa spends her free time with her two dogs (Poppy and Java) and two cats (Ivan and Truffle), gardening, knitting sweaters, and binging anything true crime.  

Favorite FDF Yarn: Pishkun

Favorite FDF Color: Sinopah

Michaela ~ Production Assistant

Michaela, known to us as Kyler, is our International Woman of Mystery dye studio assistant. She was born in Leicester, England and has been in Great Falls since about 2017. Like any International Woman of Mystery, she loves photography, traveling, and reading (she studied Book and Archive Conservation!!), and spending time with her smooshy beans Ember and Ash. When she’s not being mysterious, she knits cowls/scarves and tiny sweater ornaments for her Christmas tree. Michaela is the worlds best gift giver and brings to FDF nimble hands that gets the most tedious job done! Michaela would like everyone to know that she wore her wolf shirt on wolf shirt Wednesday when everyone ELSE said they would be wearing theres but clearly did not. And yes, her accent is real ;)

Favorite FDF Yarn: Recollect

Favorite FDF Color: Sipistoo and Theresa

Lindsay Taylor~ Shop Gal

Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Lindsay has lived in Great Falls since 2018. She has multiple Accounting degrees and works as a finance manager full-time and moonlights at FDF on Wednesday nights and Saturdays. Linsday brings to FDF a sense of calm we all need in the yarn shop storm. She always has a positive attitude and willingness to pick up the slack wherever needed.

When she’s not busy being a boss-lady, she’s probably knitting socks. She is a self-taught knitter and crocheter (did I mention she’s a boss??). When asked what her favorite thing to knit is, she replied “socks socks socks and a few more socks. I learned to knit to make socks.” She has also been known to crochet amigurumi especially for a white elephant exchange. Lindsay is an avid reader. Her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland; she collects copies and retellings of it. She loves all things Disney, especially for vacations: DisneyLand, Disney World, and Disney Cruises.  

Favorite FDF Yarns: Oh Dang, Moon Sisters and Recollect

Favorite FDF Colors: Perma, Sam Elliott, Legend, Man in Black, and BS’n

AJ Ehrlich~ Dyer

AJ grew up in the Pacific Northwest before moving to Great Falls in 2019.   Before coming to FDF to work in the dye studio, he was a meat cutter. At FDF AJ rolls with the punches every day, getting done what needs to get done and brings zero ego to the dye table. He brings light heartedness to FDF and knows the intuitive FDF aesthetic better than anyone. AJ learned to knit from his grandma and likes to knit scarves. He’s married, has two kids, and a Yellow Belly Cooter turtle named Miss Magnolia Cooter. He likes to watch shocking and unconventional reality tv shows, playing disc golf and video games.

Favorite FDF Yarn: Craggy Tweed

Favorite FDF Color: Moonshine Lake

Sarah Harris~ Shop Manager

Sarah grew up outside Baltimore, MD. She went to college and law school in Florida where she met her husband, and they moved to Great Falls in 2018. She has been knitting and crocheting since her mom taught her as a child, but it was not until she moved to Great Falls in 2018 and the Great Falls knitting community welcomed her that she ever knit her first garment. After working in the legal field for six years, Sarah decided it was time to make a change and began working at FDF in 2022. Sarah brings to FDF the most authentic customer service skills we have had the pleasure of seeing.

When she’s not knitting (if she sits, she knits) Sarah can be found in the kitchen cooking up food for her friends and family. She loves trying out new and difficult recipes and is still hoping to master the perfect risotto one day.  

Favorite FDF Yarns: Foxy Lady and Juicy DK

Favorite FDF Colors: Crow Camp, Amos Moses, Moonshine Lake, and Hawkboy

Emily Hendrickson - Shipping Lead

Emily is our amazing shipping lead here at FDF. With a keen eye and joy of packing yarn for our customers we are so lucky to have Emily behind the scenes. Emily is self proclaimed to be 'boring' but we would disagree. With the sweetest and calmest energy she embodies the vibe we always try to emulate here at FDF. As a experienced crocheter, Emily is diving head first into her knitting journey.

Favorite FDF Yarn: Craggy Tweed

Favorite FDF Color: All of them!

Alek Ray - Creative Assistant

Alek is Candice's creative partner in crime. AKA the Mezzanine Menaces. Having lived all over the world (military brat), graduating from HS in Great Falls, going to college in New York and spending a decade there working with creatives Alek is back home giving Great Falls a breath of fresh air. As crocheter, sewest, pattern maker, craft extraordinaire Alek is the perfect addition to FDF and the yarn life. You will see Alek in all parts of FDF but mostly helping in the marketing department, building displays around the shop and at events with Candice and the team!

Favorite FDF Yarn: Oh Dang! and Pishkun

Favorite color: Teton or Many Moons

Nick Wilkins - Dyer

A tried and true Montana boy Nick is the golden child of the dye studio. Head down, work done we love a farm boy! In his free time Nick likes to play video games and workout at the gym. While a quite worker, Nick can tell you the most random facts. He is color blind but is a master at speckling yarn. We love having Nick's get-it-done attitude in the dye studio!

Favorite FDF Yarn: Foxy Lady

Favorite FDF Color: Crow Camp

David Kempff - Dyer

David is a dyer for the Farmer’s Daughter Fibers. He was born in Great Falls and has lived here his whole life. No stranger to hard work, he owned his own small business in town before coming to work for FDF. David always has a positive attitude while getting tasks done, and he's always happy to help wherever needed. He would like everyone to know how much he loves his job at FDF!

He doesn’t do any fiber crafting (yet), so in his free time he likes to spend time with his four kids snowboarding, gaming, and watching movies.

Favorite FDF Yarn: Oh Dang!

Favorite color: Warm Melted Butter

Kari Parker - Production Lead

Kari was born and raised in Great Falls. She is a self-taught, enthusiastic crocheter creating amazing graphic blankets of her own design. She uses her amazing attention to detail in every aspect of her job at the FDF dye studio.

She is very connected to nature, and likes to take her vacations in the mountains or at the beach. She also forages for mushrooms, berries, and plants, and takes her inspriation from nature to bead life-sized flowers.

Favorite FDF Yarn: Pintler DK

Favorite FDF Color: All the blues

Ryder English~ Production Assistant

Ryder is our summer help in the dye studio here at FDF. He brings a real unbelievable ability to mind his own business; listening to his headphones while skeining yarn and washing dishes. Ryder is an accomplished athlete who plays football and wrestles. Ryder hopes to continue playing football when he goes to college. He already likes studying science and plans to study psychology in college. He loves sushi, and his favorite pastime is bird watching.  

Favorite FDF Color: Zodiac Collection, Cancer

Kima - Resident Boss Bitch

Kima has 2 jobs here at FDF. One is to make sure the squirrel who torments her, the dogs who walk by, and her very annoying little brother knows who is boss. Her second role is taking the most epic naps that everyone wishes they could take.

Sumo - Resident Grade A Clinger

What can we say? Sumo creates more work than what he provides here at FDF. The biggest softie of a dog (or a cat trapped in a dog's body) Sumo knows the invisible lines he is allowed to cross to keep him safe at FDF. But you can almost always find him staring at you endlessly from that line. When he isn't staring at you he is wiggling his butt up against you or going under your legs to give you a little lift that you didn't know you needed. We wouldn't know what to do without Sumo's love and affection.