April 2024

Karma Henry


Karma Henry is an indigenous artist known for her incredible talent and unique artistic style. Her current bodies of work are related to place, experience and pattern. Reflections of simple forms and shapes (from basketry designs, natural materials such as shells or plant life, as well as architectural elements and geometrical forms) have become overlays for landscape imagery. The juxtaposed images are a visual interpretation of her experience.

We asked Karma about this particular piece and she said, “I started this series based on geometric forms in Paiute basketry. The landscape in the background is from a photograph I took standing behind our tribal offices. It’s not a particularly spectacular image, like some of my sunrise and sunset images, just an everyday view of the Sierras late in the day. I took the diamond pattern and manipulated it digitally to represent the form of a winnowing basket. These geometric overlays are the way I show how Paiute Peoples have interacted with the land, this land (the Eastern Sierras) in particular, through time immemorial.”

You can find Karma's work here.

The Yarn

For Karma's piece we wanted to capture the colors in a rustic and bold way. Spinster's Daughter takes dye so beautifully so we knew this would be the perfect match. We took the turquoise and clay colors and applied them in a watercolor technique to make a skein that won't pool and would be perfect for colorwork, socks or mixing with a fluffy yarn like Oh Dang in Ranch Romance. 


Willow Creek, Teton, or Sunny's would be great matches for this yarn.

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know the preorder will end April 1st and ship mid April

Please click on the photo to order additional skeins



  • Also interested in getting additional skeins if there are any still available? Thanks!

  • I absolutely loved this colorway when it came. It there any chance that I could get 5 skeins of it? Just realized I was past the re-order point.

    Kathy Proctor
  • Karma’s work is gorgeous! I love her colors and rhythmic shapes, so soothing. She has an impressive gallery on her website.

  • Love Karma’s art work and the yarn looks beautiful. Looking forward towards receiving and knitting a special knit for myself. Thank you for doing such an incredible job with the Indigenous Collection.


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