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We have recently exchanged out plastic wool wash bottles with more eco friendly glass bottles! In order to keep prices the same, they are now a higher concentrate 4 oz bottle vs. the 8 oz bottle. You can reuse the bottles for a handful of things (tiny vases for flowers, homemade bath or kitchen products, ‘potion’ bottles for your kiddos). We are currently working on a exchange program, but if your local please feel free to come in for a refill at half the price!

Get those woolens clean, silky, soft, and smooth! Made with natural lanolin to help your knits get to a natural state of softness, each bottle includes pure Tea Tree Oil for long lasting protection. In a variety of scents made with pure natural oils. No rinse formula.

Directions for use: Add 1 to 2 capfuls of Wool Wash to washtub or sink and fill with cool water. Add hand knit item and soak for 5 - 20 minutes. Agitate gently if item is soiled. Empty water and gently squeeze (do not wring) out excess water. Roll the item in a towel to remove additional moisture and block item. No rinse needed.

Another way we like to use our wool wash is by adding a tablespoon to a spray bottle and lightly spraying our woolens and stash yarn to keep any pesky bugs out!