March 2023

Pop Chalee

March Indigenous Collective inspiration is from Pop Chalee! Born Merina Lujan in 1906 in Castle Gate, Utah, Merina's father was Navajo and her Mother was swiss. Her Grandmother gave her the name Pop Chalee which means Blue Flower. Read more about Pop Chalee history here!

I had the honor of seeing one of Pop Chalee pieces of art at the Herd Museum last year and fell in love. The one thing that really stuck out to me is the fact that Pop had met Walt Disney several times and after the 1942 movie Bambi was released Pop couldn't help but notice the resemblance between her forest animals and Disneys. Enchantment Forest is a night scene that drew inspiration from her childhood. Check out the videos that the Gilcrease Museum have created and more about the Enchanted Forrest of Blue Flower.

The Yarn

For the Enchanted Forest we knew we needed more than one solid color to represent Pop's work. What Pop said about her forest drawing is they were simple, leaving out anything unnecessary. So we didn’t necessarily want to create a variegated in order to get all the colors represented. Mini skeins sometimes have people wondering, 'what do I do with this'. We have some great suggestions for you and are offering our Morning Star Cowl for FREE! Use code 'popchalee' at checkout! For this cowl you will need a full skein of Squish Fingering or another fingering weight yarn. You can repeat the colors or add more minis you might have at home.

The mini skeins are 100% superwash merino with 87 yards/20g.

Slide 1: Come and Get Your Love on Soka'pii, Slide 2: Sinopah on Soka'pii, Slide 3, Aquemini on Squish Fingering, Slide 4: Lazy Moose on Squish Fingering

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know that additional yarn will be a preorder, the listing will be up until March 2nd and should ship right away!

Please click on the photo to order additional skeins



  • I love this collection! Thank you- what an amazing pattern too. It’s art, I want to frame it and knit it!

    Amy P.
  • I love this collection! Thank you- what an amazing pattern too. It’s art, I want to frame it and knit it!

    Amy P.
  • Love this shipment! The morning star cowl has been on my to do list for long enough and now I have no excuse. This is a special gift to myself every month. Thank you 😊

  • Looking at the art, I think the mini skeins would be perfect for a feathery color work yoke. So many options!

  • My favorite shipment yet!

    Sara richards

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