November 2022

Indian Giver

Indian Giver has been an ultimate favorite of mine for years. First, I love the reclamation of a name that was once meant to be derogatory. Not always a popular opinion but it feels very empowering to me. Cheyenne Randall is known for photoshopping tattoos onto iconic figures or celebrities. An interview with My Art Is Real Cheyenne says that 'tattoos are a way to show the outside world what we feel makes us who are on the inside'. You can find Cheynne's work on murals throughout Southern California! To read more about Cheyenne check out his website under Interviews & Articles and make sure to shop his store!!

Marilyn By The Sea

It was so hard to choose a piece out of Indian Giver's work. Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton were obviously at the top of my list. Ali, Goocher, and Hope were close as well. But since watching the newest Marilyn movie she has been on my mind. To be clear, I thought the movie was one of the worst I have seen and the light they showed her was really disturbing. But because of that it gave me a newfound interest in Marilyn and I have several books on my list to read to hopefully get a better understanding of a woman who was clearly misrepresented during and after life. We were inspired by the sunset colors as I think they represent California dreaming, both a place and state of mind that Cheyenne and Marilyn are apart of.

The Yarn


Once again we decided to go with a yarn that would be a little thicker and something that could work well for a quick Holiday gift. Squish Bulky is a tried and true FDF base. Perfect for hats, sweaters, scarfs, and blankets!!


Photo above is a palette of Eagle Eye and Theresa.

Above is Juniper and Medicine Grizzly.

With every month in the Indigenous Collective you can order more of the colorway in the listing below. Please know that additional yarn will be a preorder, the listing will be up until December 5th and will ship late December.


  • Beautiful, soft, squishy yarn. This is what is called for during these cold months ahead. Not sure what to knit but it will be lovely.

  • I just received mine. Lovely color and i would love to use it for the new slippers Ysolda published in knitworthy 6, Drey Slippers, although i would need to knit the cuff in a different yarn or I won’t have enough….I love this subscription from a cultural point of view but it also gives me the possibility to try different bases I wouldn’t probably chose .thank you.

    Francesca Brescianini
  • Need another skein of Marilyn. Thank you

    Rhonda Foster

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