Welcome to the Indigenous Collective Series

Welcome! Please check back here the middle of June for our FIRST showcasing in the collective!


  • When I described this club to my husband, he insisted that I get it for HIM for Father’s Day. He’s not a knitter, but he thinks it’s so amazing that he wants me to use the yarn to make things for people he loves!

  • I am super psyched about this collective! I’ve already gone off the deep end over Kevin Red Star! Planning my Santa Fe trip now! I had instituted a moratorium on new yarn for this year, but I’ve cheated already & it’s totally discontinued now that I’ve gotten in to this Collective! Genius idea!

    Lisa Knight
  • Only a program like this could make me break my ‘No New Yarn’ vow. Trying desperately to minimize my stash, For this, I will make a joyful exception.

  • What a wonderful subscription! Grateful to support artists and learn more about each one TY!!!

    Barb Ezell
  • Super excited to be a part of this. Looking forward to some amazing works and yarns. Thank you for offering this.

    Kathie Folts

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