Welcome to the Indigenous Collective Series

Welcome! June 2022 yarn will ship 6/20 and blog will be updated 6/20. thanks for being here, we can't wait for you to see the first month!


  • is it possible to get more skeins once we get our subscription shipment? I don’t always have a use for one gorgeous skein…

  • Just love this subscription especially that it is an Indigenous Collection. Warms my heart when I knit with spirited, meaningful yarn. Thank you.

  • Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to incorporate and help support Native Artists. I am very excited and happy to be a small piece of it. Jj

    Jan Meyer
  • I am so excited about this project! This is my first subscription. I’ve enjoyed using your yarn in past, so I have zero hesitations committing to monthly treats! My favorite aspect is learning about Indigenous artists. Thank you!

    Sarah B from NE
  • I am so excited to be part of this!!


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