FDF'S Indigenous Collective Series is a monthly celebration of First Nations Artists, Makers, + Authors  



The Indigenous Collective will feature a new First Nations artist each month, choosing a piece of their art* as inspiration for a one of a kind colorway. Along with at least one skein or 100g of yarn you will be able to access a portal where we will feature the artist; giving you background information on them, their work and the piece of art chosen. Along with artist information we will share more insight on our creative process; why we choose the piece of art and how we came up with the colorway. Permission from all artists is gained for these collaborations**.

This collective will be a part of a subscription that you can join, pause, or cancel at any time. We do ask that if you sign up you have the intent of signing up for at least three months, this is on an honor system and supports us in the extra efforts made for these special yarns and the work that goes into subscriptions. You will also have the ability to pre-order additional yarn if you are wanting to make a project that requires more yarn.

*The art featured will not only include fine art but music, poetry, pottery, weavings, movies, photography, books, and more. All the Indigenous Creativity!

** Permission from living artists is always gained before we include a colorway in the collective. Things like books, movies, and music that are more subjective won't necessarily need that direct permission. If an artist is deceased we will be donating 5% of proceeds to a Indigenous Organization that will be decided on depending on the artist location and interests.


You can sign up at any time! Shipments will go out between the 16th and 18th of each month, and the blog will be updated around this same time. You do need to sign up by the 8th of the month to receive that month's yarn. You need to cancel or pause by the first of the month in order to not be charged for that month's yarn. The quantity your order refers to number of skeins per month, and not the number of months you are subscribed. You will be charged each month unless you cancel your subscription. You are responsible for making changes to your subscription and can easily do that through the subscription portal. Log into your FDF account, click 'My Subscriptions' at the top of the screen, select your subscription, and click the option you want to edit (payment info, address, cancel, etc.)


Here at Farmer's Daughter Fibers we believe in empowerment and uplifting our communities. Too often we only hear about negative things happening in Indian Country. And while we will sometimes choose art that touches on hard subjects, for the most part this is a celebration! Shedding light and love on our First Nation brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, and cousins who share their talents with the world. This is an opportunity to learn about First Nation Artists who may not have heard of before. This monthly subscription is for everyone!


You can find a community of makers on our Ravelry Group with a special thread for this subscription. You can access the exclusive Collective Portal here, password will be sent to you once you sign up. Please make sure 'email me with news and offers' is selected at checkout so your portal password email is sent to you!

Yarn Information

 To be as authentic to our creative process as possible we will be featuring different yarns every month. They will vary in weight, fiber content, yardage, superwash and non superwash yarns. You will get at least one skein or 100g of yarn each month. We will be choosing bases of ours that we already have and also bases that we don't carry. Sometimes special Farm Yarns and other times a tried and true FDF yarn. You will have the ability to preorder more yarn each month if it's something you need more of. Due to the nature of our small business, this will be shipped separately from your subscription.

Colors will truly vary each month. You will see a lot of multi-colored yarns although please know we are not massive fans of variegated yarns with harsh contrasts. Some months will be solids, tonals, speckles, mini skeins, etc. Some months will be earth tones and other months might be neons.

There are no patterns included in subscriptions! We will be suggesting patterns each month but no pattern is included. Use the Ravelry group for ideas as many of our makers are very active here.

Price and Billing

On the 1st of each month you will be charged $30 + Shipping for your Indigenous Collective yarns. Shipments will go out around the 16th of each month. There are no returns or refunds. 

Please note you cannot use gift cards to pay for recurring payments.

You must sign up by the 8th of the month to get that months shipment. If you sign up after the 8th you will start your subscription for the following month.

We recommend creating a rewards account on our website BEFORE you sign up for your subscription. This will allow you to collect tokens and create changes to your subscription. Head to the bottom of the website and look for the rewards icon.