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Blushing Beetles
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Blushing Beetles

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While embracing the lovier side of Beetles, I knew when I found this Mug and Pouch only good things could happen. Beetles are symbolic to the sun, journeys around the sun, new beginnings, good luck and rebirth. 

This kits embodies creativity to the fullest. Included in the ‘Kit and Caboodle’ is Fringe Studio’s ceramic Beetle Mug, Beetle Pencil Pouch and 2 sets of Mr. Pen Ballpoint Pens and Highlighter Set.

‘Twig’ on Spinster’s Daughter was inspired by the Beetle itself and what colors we thought a Beetle would be into. After seeing ‘Twig’ dyed up we loved the ideas of adding soft contrasts to get creative with. While we love both of these yarns by themselves, something magical happens when you hold these colors together. The light on light color combos show both yarns perfectly.

Kit and Caboodle Includes:

1 Skein of Spinster's Daughter in Twig

6 Oh Dang Mini Skeins in Blushing Beetles Palette

Beetle Mug

Beetle Pencil Case

Mr. Pens Highlighter Set

Mr. Pens Ballpoint Pens