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Fogline Triangle Wrap

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The Fogline collection from Brienne Moody has always been and FDF favorite and a triangle shawl is the perfect addition! This is the quintessential “potato chip” knitting shawl. The mosaic motif keeps your knitting interesting, but the easy to remember stitch pattern won’t make you think too hard. Use your 4 favorite colors of Juicy DK to whip up this stunning shawl.  Brienne loves this pattern for learning how to “read your knitting”. If you look at your stitches, you can see when to add a new slipped stitch column. Each time you begin a six row repeat, take a look ahead on your needles to see where the new slipped stitch column will lie.

Kits are preorders and will ship mid February

Use code FOGLINEWRAP for 15% off preorders

Pattern is not included and you can find it here

Brienne Kit includes one of each color in Juicy DK: Eagle Eye, Highway Man, Meet Me in Atlantic City and Patsy

FDF Kit includes one of each color in Juicy DK:  York, Walking the Steel, Nammoo and Harry Belafonte