Frequently Asked Questions


WHERE DO I sign up for your newsletter?

We love putting together newsletters and try to keep them fun, entertaining, and informative. You can sign up on the very bottom of this page, remember to confirm it again in your email.

I have a shipping question.

Click here to go to our shipping page which has all our shipping FAQs.

What is your return policy?

You can find our return policy here.

I have a question about sock squad, where can i find out more information?

You can find all the Sock Squad info here! It even has its own FAQ!


Please send us an email if you are interested in wholesaling our yarns. You can check out the list of our current stockists here.

do you donate prizes for giveaways/charity events?

We try our best to accommodate donations, however our budget is often maxed out with our work with Sisters United.


Depending on our schedule, yes! Email us for more information.

Tokens, Discounts, and Gift Cards

how do i use my fdf tokens?

To earn tokens, you must create an FDF account and be logged in at the time of purchase. You can do this by clicking the token icon at the bottom of our website screen. Log into your account to track your tokens and redeem tokens for discount codes. Codes must be manually applied at checkout, and cannot be applied retroactively. You will receive an email with your code when you redeem tokens, but you can always locate this code later in your FDF account.

I have a gift card, but the code isn't working

Please make sure you are copying and pasting the entire code from the email. Some of the code may be hidden, so you will need to slide all the way to the right when highlighting it to copy.

I have a gift card and a token discount code, but i can't enter both at checkout

You can use either one discount code or one gift card at a time during checkout. As a small bsuiness we do our best to give back to our customers but we do have limits.

Can I use my gift card to pay for sock squad or indigenous collective?

You can use a gift card to pay for your initial order, but you cannot use it for recurring payments. You will have to enter an alternate payment method for your payments to recur.

Yarn and Other Products

If I buy an sweater quantity of yarn, will all the skeins match?

Yes! If they don't match we will redye a batch that does. However, our dyed yarns are special and they can vary slightly even if they are dyed in the same pot. We recommend alternating skeins.

I don't see a dyelot number on your yarn. Where can I get this information?

Since we dye in such small batches we do not label dyelots. We do make sure all your skeins match when we send out your order and always recommend alternating skeins with any hand dyed yarn.

I don't have enough yarn to finish my project! can you dye me some to match?

Since we hand dye all of our yarns, this means we do not have professional equipment or get the same dye lot each time. The unfortunate answer is no, the magic of our yarn is that it's unique and handmade. By purchasing enough it will make you much happier with your end result.

You are out of a color i want. :( will you be dying it again?

Most likely, yes! If we are out of a color, fill out the form below where you can submit your color requests. Our dye studio organizer extraordinaire, Alyssa will add this to an ongoing list for our next shop update. You can also enter your email on the product page to be notified when the yarn is back in stock!

Do your product photos show accurate yarn colors?

We do our best to accurately represent colors and fibers. However, different monitors will show color differently, and color can vary slightly between dyelots. Please take this into account while shopping. If you are concerned or looking for a very specific color shade, you can sign up for our virtual shopping here!


We do our best to make sure all the color is rinsed from our yarns. This takes a lot of muscle and feel like we do a pretty good job! Just in case, wash your knits in cool water first to check for color fastness. Red yarns will almost always bleed a little, so please be mindful of that.

I saw this amazing kit on your newsletter, but it sold out so quick! why don't you have more to sell/will you make more?

We love putting together fun and funky kits to support other small businesses and also to bring you joy! We typically have about 20 to 60 kits, this means they usually sell out quick. Why so little? One, it is hard to know what people are going to LOVE and having that much inventory laying around is hard on our small business. Two, the items we add our usually from other small makers who don't have a large staff (if any!). If we plan on doing a restock the listing will say that. If not, try to catch the next one! Thank you for your amazing support!

Color Requests!

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Still Have Questions? Contact Us Anytime

Please read the FAQ above, if your question wasn't answered please give us a shout! If you are inquiring about an order please include the order number in your message. Talk soon!

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