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Knitting Outside the Box : Drape and Fold

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To us, Bristol Ivy is a knitting goddess. You listen to her talk about knitting for less than 30 seconds and you are entranced into a creative and rule bending state of mind. Make sure to check out the Tomoko pattern in our Pishkun!

From the needles of influential designer Bristol Ivy comes the follow-up collection to her 2017 title Knitting Outside Box. This complementary edition of six knitting patterns delves deeper into innovative ways of working with knitted fabric by exploring drape and fold.

An elegant jumper, three versatile cardigans, and two cowls are reimagined with Bristol’s signature style, expanding the boundaries of how knitwear can be constructed and sit on the body.  All accompanied by her encouraging and inspiring voice, giving knitters foundations to explore on their own.

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